Wine Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

As a wine collector who stays in a smaller home, you might be interested in some ideas for wine storage in small spaces. Thus by doing some investigation into this matter online, you might realize that there are wine fridge units that are specially intended for such use, such as the wine fridge cda, which is a more compact version of a standard wine fridge and can be installed to form an under the counter wine cooler also known as a wine cabinet. This unique version of a wine cooler, specially made for appropriately storing wine with its smoked toughened glass doors and its electronic temperature control, would be a great addition to any smaller dwelling space intended to house all wine bottle collecting requirements. In addition, upon your investigation, you might come across some international wine fridges that are specially made for the intended use of the pivotal storage of wine; however, do your research thoroughly to find the perfect wine fridge manufacturer that only specializes in the best of the best when it boils down to the unique and intricate aspects of storing wine appropriately in the right environment.

A dual-zone?

Yes, why not a dual zone? A dual-zone wine fridge might be a good investment if you require extra space in your home for a wine fridge to store your precious fine wine bottle collection. This unit is specially made in various shapes and sizes, which is also beneficial for those who collect red and white wine. Thus, by keeping one type of wine in one compartment and the other in another, you would save space by accommodating your wine bottle assemblage and storing it in one compact wine fridge model.

wine storage

A wine cabinet?

Most definitely, the resounding answer to this would be a definite yes, as this type of wine fridge unit can be placed into existing spaces available, for instance, in your beautifully designed kitchen, such as a cabinet. Therefore, this unit is called an under-the-counter version because it fits nicely in an existing space meant for a cabinet inside this type of living quarters. Every wine fridge encompasses the ability to keep the wine in a safe and secure placement by offering the best environment, for instance, with temperature and humidity.

A free-standing version

Investing in a free-standing wine cooler to store and place your wine bottle collection is a good idea, as this model is available in tall and slim versions. You can space it in a place with a smaller, higher availability in the home. However, refrain from placing it in an enclosed area, as this version needs ample space for breathing to prevent overheating.

Under the stairs fridge

If you would like to acquire a state-of-the-art wine cooler but have limited space available to place one, why not look out for ones you can install under your stairs, for instance? Establishing a glass-door wine cooler is functional and features a free-standing piece of art in your home. Additionally, you can make this under-the-staircase version into a walk-in wine walk-in closet or room that serves the same environment provided by an old-aged working cellar.

A bar wine fridge

If space is limited in your home, it is a good idea to invest in a small bar fridge, as this type of wine storage unit is not only just a bar fridge anymore; it comes in versions similar to a normal-sized wine fridge. Therefore, you do not have to fret about storing your most prized possessions wine bottles inside it, as it provides the same ample storage space and capacity as that of a normal-sized fridge.