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With property management jobs at Property Shop Realty, you can work from home and make a difference in someone’s life. We have a variety of property manager positions available for those who want to make a difference in their community. We are looking for people who have excellent communication skills and a passion for helping others achieve their goals. If you are interested in one of these roles, please contact us today!

Property Manager

Property management is a job that involves managing properties. A property manager oversees the day-to-day operations of real estate properties and may also be responsible for hiring and training employees, collecting rent and maintaining records.

Property managers can work for large apartment complexes or small residential homes. Some property managers specialize in one area, such as commercial or residential real estate; others manage both types of properties simultaneously.

Leasing Consultant

As a leasing consultant, you will be responsible for finding tenants and helping them find the perfect home. You will work with the property manager to screen potential renters and help them find an apartment that suits their needs. You will also be involved in marketing properties that have been listed as available by us or another real estate agency. In addition, you may have to work closely with other departments such as sales or accounting if they need any additional information from you regarding applicants who are interested in renting one of our apartments or homes here at Property Shop Realty Jobs For You!

Listing Specialist

A listing specialist is a real estate agent who specializes in selling homes. This type of agent must be able to find potential buyers and sell the home to them, so they must have excellent negotiation skills. They also need to be able to market their listings effectively, which means having a good understanding of what type of advertising will attract buyers for each property type.

Resident Manager

The resident manager is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the building, including maintenance and repairs, with vendors and contractors. They also assist residents with questions or concerns they may have. In addition to these duties, they manage the maintenance crew that keeps your property running smoothly.

Sales Associate

Property Shop Realty is looking for a Sales Associate to join our team. We are looking for someone who is experienced in the real estate industry, professional and has a positive attitude. The ideal candidate will have excellent communication skills and be able to communicate with clients effectively over the phone or in person. The Sales Associate will also be responsible for updating listings on MLS systems as well as maintaining up-to-date information about properties on our website so that clients can search through them easily when they’re ready to buy or sell their homes!

We are hiring!

Our team is growing, and we’re looking for people who are passionate about real estate. If you’re committed to making a difference in your community and eager to learn new skills, join us!

  • We are currently hiring for the following positions:
  • Realtor – Property Shop Realty’s top salespeople earn commissions on every sale they make. If you want an exciting career with limitless earning potential and flexible hours, this could be it!


In the end, it’s up to you to decide if Property Shop Realty is the right place for you. We hope this guide has helped you think about some of the things that might be important in any job search, as well as how Property Shop Realty can help. If we haven’t covered something here or if something still isn’t clear, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We want everyone who works with us, or wants to, to feel welcome and supported throughout their career at our company.