Estate Agent Salary Average Must Know

When you’re looking for a job as an estate agent, then it’s important to know what the average salary is. This will help you to decide if it’s worth working in the industry and whether it’s possible to earn enough money from being an estate agent. In this article, we’ll look at what the average salary is as well as some other benefits of working in this field.

Estate Agent Average Salary

The average estate agent salary depends on a number of factors, including the experience level of the individual and the region they work in. As a general rule, those who have been working as estate agents for several years tend to earn more than those who are just starting out.

In addition to these two factors, there are other elements that can affect how much you’re paid as an estate agent:

  • The type of business you work for will also impact how much money you make, For example, if you work for a smaller company rather than one of the big chains then it’s likely that there will be less opportunity for promotion and pay rise later down the line (although there may be other benefits like flexible working hours).
  • Where exactly do you live? If you live somewhere like London or Manchester then chances are good that as long as your skillset matches up with what employers need they’ll offer higher salaries because competition between firms means they need people willing to accept less cash but still perform well at their jobs.

What is an Estate Agent’s Day Like?

Estate agents work in a variety of locations and environments. They may work from home, from an office, from a shop, or even from a car. Estate agents can also be self-employed or employed by companies who specialize in selling property such as estate agents and letting agents.

Estate Agents usually have to be flexible and willing to travel, sometimes at short notice. This means that they need to be able to fit their working hours around their clients’ schedules rather than vice versa.

How Long Does it Take to Become an Estate Agent?

The average salary of an estate agent is $65,000. It is a well-paid job, but it’s not something you can just jump into after school and make millions. To become a successful estate agent, you’ll need at least three years of experience in the industry. After that, you can take courses to get qualified as an estate agent and start making money!

What Qualifications Do You Need?

You will need to have a qualification if you want to become an estate agent. The best way to start out as an estate agent is by starting out as a trainee estate agent. Another option is that you can get a job without any qualifications but this will not be easy because there are so many people looking for jobs in this field and employers tend not to be very picky about who they hire because there are always more candidates than positions available.

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How Much Can You Earn in Other Jobs?

You can also consider other careers in the real estate industry. If you’re interested in a job that involves helping people buy and sell properties but want to try something different, here are some options:

  • Estate agent. This is the most common career path for someone who has studied to be an estate agent. You’re responsible for selling houses and other types of property on behalf of owners or landlords (your clients).
  • Estate agency manager/managerial roles within property management companies or agencies. These positions involve managing teams of staff who sell properties; they may also include administrative duties such as managing finances or marketing campaigns. If your goal is simply to become an expert in property valuation and related matters without going into sales yourself, then perhaps working with clients directly isn’t what interests you most about this field after all. There are plenty of other jobs out there where you could use your expertise without having direct contact with them think mortgage brokers, who help homeowners find suitable lenders; realtors/agents whose job it is simply to provide information about available homes without actually negotiating prices themselves (though often times these two roles overlap); mortgage consultants who advise people looking into buying their own homes before applying for loans etcetera.

Become a qualified estate agent

Becoming a qualified estate agent is no easy feat. It takes hard work, dedication, and commitment to succeed in this field of work.

Becoming an estate agent requires you to have good communication skills, both written and oral as well as the ability to deal with clients effectively. You also need to be able to think on your feet in stressful situations, such as when dealing with difficult buyers or sellers who may have unrealistic expectations of what they want from a property sale or purchase.


We hope this article has given you a better understanding of the average estate agent salary and what it takes to become one. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in real estate, then we highly recommend that you check out our free guide on how to become an estate agent. It covers everything from how much money it takes (and how long) before starting up your own business as well as tips on how best to prepare yourself for success!